Our Story

Máette Design:

A creative endeavor named after the mother/daughter collaboration of Virginia Mae and Paulette Warwick

We are designers: Each piece begins with a fragment of an idea or image, a seedpod, a medieval tapestry, the pattern of a moth's wing are all inspiration. 

We are magpies:  We collect stones, metal, wire, anything that catches our eye, that feels good to the touch, a new or interesting color or….  you name it, we will bring it home and will add it to the ever growing collection of wonderful stuff.

We are makers:  Each piece that leaves the studio begins as a jumble of metal and stone that is reconfigured, cut, wrapped, tweaked, heated, melted and tweaked again.  The process of creating a collection begins and ends with the physical act of taking each material and seeing how it interacts with the others.  This practice of taking rings, stones and wire and configuring these materials into a cohesive whole is a slow and thoughtful process that can bring out subtle details not discovered by any other means.  To play is to discover.  Our goal is to produce a new shape that can then be refined into a finished piece or a construction that is put aside till it can be combined with either past or future ideas.  This process ensures that each piece builds on the next in a never ending progression, a series. 

We are teachers and collaborators: We look at this site as a platform to educate and contribute to a communal group of makers and designers. As this site continues to grow, we look forward to the opportunity to share practices and processes to enable our customers and collaborators to become a part of our journey. 

We welcome your questions and support.